Estate Planning

Combined with integrated income, estate planning and asset protection strategies, our firm assists small, medium and large net worth individuals in the development, preparation and structuring of comprehensive estate plans in order to minimize federal and state tax consequences at death while maximizing the distribution of the individual’s estate to his or her heirs. Likewise, our team has the experience necessary in distributing an individual’s estate through probate and trust administration. Our attorneys also concentrate in guardianship, state and federal taxation and tax controversies, business and commercial transactions and business valuation.

Our team has many years of combined experience in developing asset protection and comprehensive estate plans and administration of estates on behalf of clients, including analysis of business enterprises, development of liability minimization plan, development, structuring and negotiation of contractual protection to limit risk, legal risk review and insurance protection evaluation.

Our firm’s multi-disciplinary approach and unique experience and training in the areas of structuring comprehensive estate plans and administration ideally suits us to meet your estate planning and administrative needs.


Our firm counsels all types of tax-exempt organizations, including public charities, private schools, foundations, and other types of nonprofit or tax-exempt organizations. Our attorneys advise these organizations, their staff, volunteers, and governing boards on how to carry out their objectives while meeting the ever-changing demands of federal and Oklahoma laws.

With many years of combined experience, our team of attorneys is aptly trained to assist tax exempt organizations through all stages of the organization’s life cycle: initial structure and formation, application for and maintenance of federal and state tax exemption, solicitation registration, preparation and filing of annual returns, strategic response to audits, best practices for governance, and day-to-day operations.


Our Business Transactions practice assists clients in a broad range of organizational, business, financial, tax, and operational matters to optimize their business structure. We provide strategic counsel to our clients through all stages of their business growth, from formation through ongoing operations and into succession planning and exit strategies.

When advising clients on business matters, it is essential that the responsible attorneys possess experience and knowledge in the fields of tax, accounting, and finance. Our attorneys hold advanced degrees and certifications and have diverse backgrounds in each of these disciplines.

Our legal team takes a multi-disciplinary approach in analyzing and effectively managing all the relevant issues involved with complex transactions.

This multi-disciplinary approach and the extreme attention to detail undertaken by our attorneys help ensure the viability of all transactions undertaken by our clients and minimizes the possibility that they will be threatened by unforeseen risks. With many years of combined experience, we have represented a wide variety of business clients and skillfully guided them through the intricacies of effectively structuring mergers, acquisitions, and other complex business transactions.


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